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Explore our worldwide shipping solutions- safe and reliable supply chain solution! We promise innovative logistics solutions at competitive rates, ensuring your cargo arrives securely and efficiently, every time.

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Enter the world of  shipment, Eagabriz Shipping Pvt. Ltd., where each shipment is a carefully and safely delivered promise rather than merely cargo. Being the best logistics company in India, we do more than just transport cargo—we also construct trustworthy and reliable connections. We make sure your cargo is handled with the highest care at every stage of shipment, giving you the assurance you need to successfully negotiate the world market.

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Freight Forwarding

As a major global Air Freight Forwarding Company, we take our delivery responsibility seriously.

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Our specialized Air Consolidation service shipments ensures timely and successful deliveries.

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Project Cargo

Safely transport oversized and specialized cargo through our dedicated project cargo service.

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Deliver effortlessly with our expert logistic solutions, ensure on time delivery.

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International Courier

Supply Chain Management

Our complete supply chain management services aim to simplify every aspect of shipping and delivery, resulting in smooth operations and optimum efficiency at all times.

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Warehouse Distribution

Our advanced warehousing facilities and distribution networks ensure your inventory is safe and secure, freeing you to focus on growing your business.

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Vendor Inventory

Customs & Compliance

Navigating customs laws is a breeze with Eagabriz Shipping. Our expert team handles customs clearance seamlessly, ensuring smooth border crossings for your shipments.

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Transportation Logistic

Logistics Company in India

As one of India's leading logistics companies, we're dedicated to excellence. With our wide network and expertise, we provide customized solutions that satisfy your expectations

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Why Choose Eagabriz

Global Supply chain

Global Reach

The world is our playground, and we navigate it expertly. With our global network, we can easily manage shipments of any size to locations around the world, overcoming gaps and linking organizations across countries.

Commitment to Innovation

Innovation is important to all we do. At Eagabriz Shipping Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to pushing forward the boundaries and exploring possibilities in logistics. Our persistent pursuit of quality motivates us to create new processes and procedures that respond to our clients’ specific demands, providing outstanding service every time.

Logistics Company in India
Eagabriz Shipping Pvt. Ltd. has years of experience in transportation and logistics, bringing a plethora of knowledge and skills to the table. Regardless of the task’s complexity, our seasoned personnel ensure smooth operations and punctual deliverables. Choose Eagabriz Shipping Pvt. Ltd., a reliable logistics company in India, for a journey that is safe, dependable, and personalized just for you. Let us embark on this shipping journey together, where each shipment tells a tale of trust, dependability, and quality.

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Eagabriz member of X2

Eagabriz is now a member of X2 ASIA GLOBAL

Exciting news! Eagabriz has officially joined the prestigious X2 Asia Global network. Expanding our network and strengthening our commitment to providing top-tier logistics solutions across Asia and beyond.

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JC Trans Events

Global Freight Forwarders Conference in Bangkok

Eagabriz recently participated in the 15th JCTrans Global Freight Forwarders Conference held in Bangkok! It was an incredible opportunity to engage with industry leaders, forge valuable connections, and explore innovative solutions in logistics.

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Eagabriz Pune Branch Opening

Eagabriz opens new branch in Pune

We’re thrilled to announce the grand opening of our new office branch in Pune! This expansion represents an exciting chapter in our company’s growth, bringing us closer to our valued customers in the vibrant city of Pune.

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Diwali at Eagabriz

Diwali celebration in Eagabriz office

Diwali Celebrations in Full Swing at Eagabriz! This year, we’ve come together to celebrate the festival of lights in a resplendent manner, igniting the corridors with happiness and togetherness.

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Eagabriz Partnership with Japanese company

Eagabriz partner with Leading Japanese Firm

Groundbreaking collaboration with a leading Japanese company, revolutionizing the landscape of global logistics. This strategic partnership propels us into a new era of shipping and connectivity.

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